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Istrian mussels wine & olive oil

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While running small group tours to Slovenia and Croatia for the past 14 years, I routinely heard from guests how undersold the food and wine was. Savor is designed to showcase the food, wine-making culture and culinary traditions that these diverse countries have to offer. Savor shines the spotlight on traditional regional and seasonal dishes, wine varietals unique to micro-regions, slow-food philosophy and long-standing family recipes. Most of all, our tours open a window of insight into the wine makers, artisans and local food producers by letting you be a guest in their cellars, houses, restaurants, farms and vineyards.
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Simon Woolf’s Artisan Winemakers of Slovenia and Friuli

24 Oct 2019 - 30 Oct 2019
This amber and natural wine tour through Slovenia and Italy's northeastern region is a special invitation to the wine makers' place of work & passion that focuses on the history, wine making traditions and culinary magic.
3000€ EUR

Harvest Tour: Food, Wine and Traditions of Slovenia and Istria

07 Oct 2021 - 17 Oct 2021
This wine & culinary tour through Slovenia and northern Croatia is a special invitation to people place of work & passion that focuses on the history, wine making traditions and culinary magic.
$3700 USD

Grand Tour: Slovenia-Bosnia-Croatia

12 May 2021 - 27 May 2021
Our Grand Tour is a bit like the “best of” former Yugoslavia fit into 15 days. Enjoy fascinating and diverse culture alongside delicious food and wine, fascinating history and amazing nature on our classic 4 country tour.
$3600 USD

Wines and Culinary Traditions Tour: Budapest to Slovenia

11 days/nights
Discover and taste long-standing culinary and wine traditions of Jewish Budapest, Hungary's famed Tokaj region, Slovenia's up-and-coming Goriska Brda and Vipava Valley regions. Sit down and meet with winemakers and chefs along with producers of olive oil, prosciutto and more!
$4100 USD

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The Guide Collective

Since most of us cannot travel and I have no tours to run, I’ve focused my travel energy to other project. I am pleased to announce the launch of an ambitious new project that I am involved in. Along with nearly 20 other tour guides and professionals, we have formed a new international travel adventure, The Guide Collective. Our aim is to bring the world to you, through articles, video, podcasts, and visual art. Our aim is to elevate the conversation in travel. Rather than top ten lists or cultural stereotypes, we will dig deeper into issues that connect our diverse cultures.

I am personally heading up a column called GC Faves (listing my 5 favorite places, foods, off-beaten-path sights for various categories) as well as hosting the Travel Roundtable, a one hour weekly show. We stream live on Facebook at 20 CEST every Thursday. Come give us a look! 

Our Story

Andrew Villone has been leading his unique brand of tours to Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans since 2005 under the banner of Roads Less Traveled Tours. Inspired by his backpack travels, he decided to create a better way of traveling where small groups (2-8 people) could have a more authentic experience, spending time with locals and seeing many of the hidden gems that got left off other tours. At the request and nudging of guests he's begun focusing on culinary tours which offer terrific food and wine, supply guests with an insight into local traditions, slow-food philosophy and a chance to meet with food producers, chefs and wine makers.

Your Savor Experience

We take you along the back roads, far from the crowds and specter of mass tourism, to intimate settings in beautiful countryside to meet with friendly and generous local hosts. Small family-owned farms and pensions give you a warm welcome. Many of the wines and food specialties on these tours such as pumpkin oil, schnapps and cheeses are not available anywhere else and give everyone an opportunity to try something that can't be purchased at home and puts money into the local economy. If you want to enjoy a 5-course lunch without busloads of tourists, sample a dozen kinds of goat cheese, go hunting for truffles with dogs, hang out with boutique wine makers in their cellars and meet the people who've been making honey, wines and prosciutto for generations then these tours are for you.


Harvest Tour - vineyards of Slovenia
Vranac wine maker in his cellar - Skadar Lake, Montenegro

Our Brands

Owners Luka Esenko and Andrew Villone have over 25 years of combined experience operating tours and creating itineraries with a personal touch to Slovenia, Croatia and beyond. Savor The Experience, Roads Less Traveled and Luka Esenko Photography all share the same vision, principles and philosophy for small group and custom tours to Europe. Whether you're looking for culture, photography, culinary or your own special custom tour you can rely on us to give you a local, authentic and memorable travel experience.
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