DIY Goat Cheese Production at Kumparicka

Many of my guests know that I moved here to Slovenia from Seattle, it’s been nearly 4 years now, and it seems like I get asked these 3 questions a lot. How often do I go back? (never). What do I miss most about Seattle? (having spicy and plentiful Asian food options). And what’s...

Sweeter Moments of 2017 Travels

For most beautifully presented, I think Vina Senjković’s entry in my winner. Ice cream, flower petals and I can’t remember what else. A highlight of not only Brac Island, but all of Dalmatia.   The only problem with Kumparička’s ricotta and caramel is that...

Culinary Experiences of 2016, #1

Kumparička, backroads of Istria, Croatia When I started in on ranking my favorite food experiences of the past year I didn’t know what all would be making this list but I knew who was going to be taking the top spot. It’s like listening to Casey Kasem’s year-end...
Rondic cellar with everyone

Culinary Experiences of 2016, Fave #2

Hiša Vin Rondič, Vipava Valley (Slovenia) If we were coming here just for the wine it would have been amazing enough. But alas, no, we had to interrupt the tastings of fresh Pinela and Malvazija with delectable home-cooked dishes of jota (Slovenian soup of sauerkraut, potatoes...
Cooking lamb and potatoes peka style

Culinary Experiences of 2016, Fave #4

Home cooking at Alma’s: Blagaj, Bosnia I think we can all agree that one of the best experiences to have while traveling is to eat at a local’s home. To see and taste dishes that they cook, learn how they cook them and dine on someone’s back patio with their...
Harvest Tour chicken paprikash

Culinary Experiences of 2016, Fave #5

Gostilna Rajh: Prekmurje, Slovenia Slovenia’s eastern-most region is called Prekmurje. Those of us in the travel biz call this part of the country ‘chicken head’ since the outline of Slovenia is shaped like a chicken with Prekmurje being the head. I have not...
SLOwinehighway - Hisa Vina Cuk

SLOwinehighway: Ten hours, three wine regions, one highly memorable experience

We started in the eastern most part of Slovenia (virtually right on the border with Hungary) and traveled all across Slovenia until we made it to the Vipava Valley (about 15km from the border with Italy). We sipped on a lot of gorgeous wines, tasted some delicious local...
Chocolate truffles at Passero winery - Prekmurje, Slovenia

From Prekmurje with Love

Taste a trio of white wines with plates of cold cuts: smoked ribs with bean salad and pressed sausage with pumpkin oil and onions. Simple yet delicious.
Buying gelato in Ljubljana

Savor Tours and the Villones – featured on House Hunters Int’l TV show

Before our family moved from Seattle to Slovenia in April, we were approached by the TV show House Hunters Int’l.